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Staff Contacts

No Names Position Phone
1 KALISA Felly Ag. Executive Secretary 0788303130
2 MPUNDU Ernest Analyst, S&T Promotion and development 0788571000
3 AUGUSTINE KAVUTSE Vianney Analyst, S&T

Promotion and development

4 TWAGIRAYEZU Gaspard Analyst, S&T Promotion and development 0789532033
5 UWIMANA Benjamin Analyst, S&T Promotion and development 0788611191
6 SANO Anselme Community Outreach Specialist 0788410590
7 DUSENGUMUKIZA Dieudonne Director of Administration and Finance 0732276212
8 BYIRINGIRO Justin Human Resource Management Specialist 0787288010
9 TURIKUMWE Jean Paul IT Management Specialist 0788683036
10 BUCUMI Jean Claude M&E Specialist 0788663758
11 NYIRANEZA Marcia Legal Officer 0788303705
12 UWASE Vanessa Internal Auditor 0785671189
13 NAGATAKE Ariane Procurement Officer 0788576902
14 KAYITESI Gerardine Administrative Assistant 0788675116
15 UMUTONI RURANGIRWA Nina Planning officer 0784525272
16 NDIZIHIWE Aimable Accountant 0788854007
17 MUNYAWERA Laurent Grant Management Officer 0788745505

About NCST

Our core mission is to provide strategic advices and recommendations to the Government on all matters relating to policies, legislation and regulation in the fields of science, technology, research and innovation and monitor the implementation of such policies and legislation. It also mandated to mobilise the National Research and Innovation Fund to facilitate Researchers and Innovators

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