NCST Mission & vision

NCST has the following mission:

1. to advise the Government on policies, legislation and regulation in the fields of science, technology, research and innovation and monitor the implementation of such policies and legislation;

2. to advise the Government on setting national priorities in the fields of science, innovation, technology, research and development as well as modalities for financing such activities;

3. to identify and promote new high-impact areas of technology innovation and research that may be useful for the country’s development through strategic foresights;

4. to carry out an analysis of the nature  and efficient use of national resources and national infrastructure in order to support science and technology as well as their innovative use in a sustainable manner;

5. to regulate science, technology innovation and research;

6. to mobilize funds and manage the National Research and Innovation Fund;

7. to promote science and technology community outreach;

8. to prepare and disseminate annual report on the status of science and technology;

9. to cooperate and collaborate with other advanced regional and international institutions of excellence with similar mission”.  

NCST Vision

NCST strives to contribute to Rwanda’s transformation into a country where the potential of science, technology and innovation is fully harnessed and integrated to enhance people’s wellbeing, sustainable national economic growth, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.