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Open Call - Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Grant



The Call Deadline has been extended to 15th June 2020

“Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Grant”

Call Summary:

Focus: Fundamental or Applied Research
Areas: ICT, Agriculture, Health, Energy, Mining and Natural resources, Manufacturing, Climate change.
Grant Category:  Research Grant Category 1
Research Grant Category 2
Research Grant Category 3
Eligible applicants:
  • Applications are open to all bona fide staff in academia, industry and the private sector in Rwanda.
  • The academic partner must hold a regular academic / research position in a national academic institution or national laboratories or recognized R&D institutions (more than one academic partner from one institution may be allowed to apply).
  • Industries (including R&D Centres of Excellence) are eligible to apply. (More than one Industry and / or more than one Investigator from one Industry can be associated in a project).
  • The industry /Private Sector should be able to co-fund at least 20% additional funding of the total budget for this research project, and applicants should describe in details industry/private sector funding contribution.
  • Each proposal should indicate collaborative partners institutions and names and curriculum vitae (CVs) of partner investigators, and describe details of partners from a national academia /research institution and industry.
  • The project team shall contain at least 25% representation of female scientists and researchers.
  • Each project may include international experts’ contribution to the proposal from the time of conceptualization, application, implementation and dissemination process.


Grant period:

Up to 2 years (Research Grant Category 1)
Up to 3 years (Research Grant Category 2)
Up to 4 years (Research Grant Category 3)


Grant amount per project:

Funding amount:
Category 1:
Maximum 60 millions Rwf (Sixty Million Rwandan Francs), plus at least additional 20% funding from Industry/private sector (4-5 projects to be funded)
Funding amount:
Category 1:
Maximum 90 millions Rwf (Ninety Million Rwandan Francs), plus at least additional 20% funding from Industry/private sector (3-4 projects to be funded)
Funding amount:
Category 1:
Maximum 150 millions Rwf (One hundred and fifty Million Rwandan Francs), plus at least additional 20% funding from Industry/private sector (2-3 projects to be funded)

Payment modality: Payment will be made through the PDs/PIs host Institutions.

Call is open for submission from: Tuesday: 3rd March 2020

Deadline for Submission of Proposals:: 15th June 2020

Call status: Open

1. Background

The Law establishing the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), also assigns the Council with the mandate of managing the National Research and Innovation Fund (NRIF).

The NRIF is envisaged to be a major vehicle through which the Government of Rwanda provides research and innovation funding that is aimed at stimulating societal and economic growth in accordance with the national development agenda.

2. Call for submission of proposals

The 7-years National strategy for Transformation 1 (NST-1) envisions the need for Rwanda to promote Research and Development (R&D), as a key enabler to fast-track national economic transformation especially in the area of technology for industrial development. The NCST is pleased to announce its first call for research proposals under the “Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Grant Categories 1-3” schemes. The goal of this call is to promote research collaboration between academia and industry/private sector to address specific community needs that promote the well-being of Rwandan population. The applications under these categories should demonstrate tangible partnership in terms of research collaboration and mutual funding by academia and industry partners. The research projects should demonstrate innovation that will eventually result into novel products, services that will result into start-ups.

The research projects under these categories 1-3 of funding should demonstrate findings that will result into community transformation by bringing positive qualitative change in all aspects of people's lives. Through novel findings, knowledge creation and deepening, these projects findings should demonstrate value addition of some products or services and the ability to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for Rwanda community.

Research projects that demonstrate novel findings to boost national scientific and technology growth to become competitive knowledge-based economy e.g. to provide added value of goods and services, to promote export base for high-value of goods, increased modernization of productivity and/or improved quality of life for Rwandan community may receive additional funding. Such research projects should demonstrate innovation that will result into novel prototype products, services that will eventually result into start-ups.

These research grant categories encourage multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary research projects from national and international consortium led by Rwandan Program Director/Principal investigator (PD/PI). Members of the research project consortium shall comprise representatives of the academia, research institutions and industry/private sector and business enterprises.

3. Application process

Research proposals are expected to have the following details: project title, researcher’s bio, objectives methodology, timelines, detailed work plan, expected results, and the detailed budget ( Proposal must respect this attached template).


The proposals shall be submitted through the following link:

Click here to submit your application 

Call opens: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Call closes: Monday: 15th June 2020

4. Contact

Any Question may be directed to NCST via:

Email: research@ncst.gov.rw or

Phone: +250785230769

Additional Documents



Concept note - Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Grant

Propoosal Template - Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Grant


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Our core mission is to provide strategic advices and recommendations to the Government on all matters relating to policies, legislation and regulation in the fields of science, technology, research and innovation and monitor the implementation of such policies and legislation. It also mandated to mobilise the National Research and Innovation Fund to facilitate Researchers and Innovators

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